Here are some topics 
that matter to me.
(a non-exhaustive list)
The Grenfell inquiry & action on flammable cladding • "Too poor to play": segregated communal spaces • Black Lives Matter: beyond the hashtags • Designed to punish: Universal Credit and hurtful bureaucracy • Loneliness and isolation in urban communities • The homelessness crisis: a housing first approach? • Ending indefinite detention • The Windrush scandal • Generation rent

The dark history of pesticides • Whose habits? Individual guilt and corporate responsibility • "The Lancaster Nanas": how to banish frackers • Why fly, Guy?Travel and CO2 • Seed banks: future-proofing the world • Food production and insect decline in the UK • Rewilding: Reimagining farming for the 21st century • "Wonky veg": obscuring food waste and over-packaging •
 Thumbs up: the green hitchhiking revival in Europe
Politics & Tech
The dangers of cashless society • Black rod!? An antiquated parliament • Personal data, privacy & data capitalisation • Voting rights for 16-year-olds • WhatsApp groups and “always on” work culture • Seen working: the busyness craze & the demonisation of free time • Meaningless work: the rise of “bullshit jobs” • AI: perpetuating bias in data • Digital exclusion: isolation and vulnerability • Moderating trolling behaviour and mental health

Gender & Identity
Yes, but how? Corporate LGBT-washing and accountability • Body negativity on dating apps • On whose TERFs? Feminism and transphobia • IVF for one: single parenting as a choice • Queer conservatism: how does it work? • It’s couple’s world: stability in single lives • Fat-phobia and fat-shaming • Pseudonyms & women’s historical exclusion from artistic practice
Art & Culture
"I Love People’s Faces": making poetry cool again •  Visual-first economy: judging by sight • The resurgence of paper zines • Virginia Wolfe’s fascinating love life • The psychology of colour • Traditional food preservation in the Balkans • The history of spices • Lost folklore arts • Artefact restoration • Brighton’s film history

Nature & Travel
Journeying on ancient routes: the South Downs Way, the Broomway • Exploring Sussex folklore and mythology • Rock lighthouses • The curious life of plants • Fungi • Ways of life: the Russian dacha • Living on the isle of Eigg
Family & Health
Put a name on it: mandatory salt and sugar labeling • Intentional communities: the rise of modern communes • "Under one roof": unusual familial combos • PREP: License to be careless • Stealing our sleep: big tech and addictive psychology • Invisible disabilities • Art in healthcare • Awareness and support for chronic illness • Cycling and public transport • Psychedelics and Mental health

Education & learning
 Forced academisation: for whose benefit? • Black Curriculum: hiding uncomfortable histories • Pink or blue: gender in education • The psychology of bullying: new strategies • Real-life and green education • Positive minority role models • Recognising and fostering diverse talent • Documentary film as educational resource and practice

Images from Uta Kögelsberger's Uncertain Subjects II;  March of the Mermaids 2016; VR Lab @ Brighton Digital Festival 2016; Sergina, @ Brighton Digital Festival 2016; Yuri's Night 2018;  Action Aid's "Tax Dodgers vs School Children" Credit: Vasil Dzhagalov
If these matter to you — let's get creative! Regardless of the format.