Dr. Matthew Walker on Sleep
Sleep expert and best-selling author Matthew Walker shares the secrets of a good night's rest.

In a series of four conversations Dr. Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, discusses the importance of sleep quality. With specific focus on adolescents and children, these interviews with Cognita's Director of Wellbeing Beth Kerr connect the science of sleep with practical advice.

Cognita's Global Be Well Day initiative happened on Friday 27th September 2019. On that day their global family  of schools paused the curriculum in order to focus solely on wellbeing, with activities and events that involved the entire school community of students, parents and employees.
Client: Cognita

Executive Producer: Jane Gerber
Producer: Cara Ghoshal
Director: Dominic Santana
Editor: Vasil Dzhagalov
DOP: Ally Upcraft
Sound Recordist: Annie Needham
Graphics: Oscar Maydon
Editor: Vasil Dzhagalov
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