Hi, my name is Vasil. I’m a freelance editor and filmmaker based in Brighton, UK. To my work, I bring diverse cultural knowledge and a rich production skillset — I've been crafting narratives since the mid-2000s (my teenage job was in broadcast radio).

I'm experienced in an Adobe post-production environment, with DaVinci Resolve for detailed grading and media management, and After Effects + Photoshop for motion and still graphics. I also have working knowledge of Avid Media Composer 2022. 

In my work I take a creative and exploratory approach while staying organised, focused, and friendly. I'm big on colour-coding, spreadsheets and well-written communication. I'm always interested in facilitating the best workflows and processes, and keen to be involved early when possible.

Editorially, I strive to question the givens, to be sensitive to the subtle, and open to the unpleasant. To explore grey areas non-judgmentally, and make complex topics fascinating to watch. To portray with humour, and to look for the poetic. I'm not afraid to be bold and take risks creatively, but I always put the story and its people first.

Personally, I like to keep my ear to the ground. I care about politics, society, identity, culture and the environment. I have worked on a variety of productions, but personally gravitate towards stories which are diverse, beautiful, difficult, critical, and empowering.

As a bonus, I can shoot with with systems like Canon C300, Sony FS7, A7S, BlackMagic, and can light, film and sound-record for simpler productions. 

In my free time I like discovering new music and films, walking the Sussex countryside, experimenting with 35mm film photography and my 16mm Krasnogorsk, drinking good coffee and being in the sun. 🌞


Here are some of the clients I’ve worked for:

A quick guide to my name

Va•SIL — like “windowsill” — The Bulgarian version of the Greek name Βασίλειος meaning "king, ruler". 
DZHA•ga•lov — like “jug of love” — From dzhaga (джага) a long, two-person wood saw.
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