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I'd been Adobe-indoctrinated since the late 2000s. It was time to learn Avid. So here are some great resources I found to help me bestride the primordial beast that is Media Composer. 

16 February 2024 · NLEs · Post-Production
On the surface, this is an escape to safety for a mother and her newborn, but more so an internal journey — a cathartic road through bereavement, motherhood and belonging. 

22 January 2024 · Cinema · Reviews
I'm pleased to say I've worked on three separate projects that are long-listed for Smiley Charity Film Awards this year. Luckily, they are all competing in different categories. 

14 January 2024 · News · Competitions
This autumn I decided to take part in a trailer-editing competition with my friend Catalina Balan, so here's how it went (plus some thoughts on the winner). 

November 2023 · News · Competitions
Charlotte has been all over the Brighton & Hove comedy circuit with her zingy take on  pets, parents and partners. Alliteratively speaking, portraits were a natural next step.

15 August 2023 · Photography · Portrait
Martin McDonagh weaves a tale rich in humour and folklore, but like its tragic characters, the story remains stuck on its tiny island, and doesn’t reach the depths it could. 

30 October 2022 · Cinema · Reviews
Extra pleased that this 5-part learning drama I edited for Nice Media and NHS Health Education England has won a LEA in the Healthcare category. 

26 April 2021 · News · Competitions 
Several times a year the tide retreats further than normal, and the water gives way to usually submerged expands of fine sand — firm, temporary, and brilliantly reflective. 

18 March 2021 · Photography · 35 mm  
First impressions are disappointing. But if you take the wooden walkway, soon you might think the parking lot was a false display put there to dissuade the unworthy

3 September 2020 · Photography · 35 mm
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