L'Autre Rive 
Émeric Lhuisset’s unfixed cyanotypes tell stories of different generations who have migrated to Europe. 

'Examining the current state of flux as the United Kingdom redefines its role in Europe, the eighth Brighton Photo Biennial draws on one of the most important geopolitical events of our time. The UK’s status within the EU may be changing, but geographically we will remain part of Europe – with a shared history and intertwined future.'

In this short film, artist Émeric Lhuisset discusses his work, and how it relates to stereotypical representations of refugees via tropes of statistics, victimhood, and populist scapegoating. His unfixed cyanotype images are destined to oxidise to blocks of deep blue by the end of the exhibition, reflecting the sea and the EU flag. 
Agency: Photoworks

Producer: Alexandra Lethbridge
Production Assistant: An Nguyen
Filmmaker: Vasil Dzhagalov
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