Safeguarding Adults
Learning drama about the missed opportunities to protect a vulnerable woman. 

This set of drama scenarios deals with the complex and distressing experiences of a fictional character named Sophia. Following her tragic death, a multi-discipline team from across the NHS meets to discuss what each service could have done differently to protect her.

The drama fits within a wider learning programme, and incorporates specific learning objectives into five emotionally charged meeting scenes. The subject matter is based on harrowing real-life situations of modern slavery, sexual exploitation, intimidation and addiction. 

The purpose of the dramatic element within the Safeguarding learning is to stimulate learners to discuss the mistakes and decisions, and ultimately ensure best practice.

Some thoughts on the project from me can be found here, and for director Tom Hickmore's deep dive case study go here
Agency: Nice Media

🏆 Winner of a Learning Excellence Award 
for Video Content Creation, 2021. 

Producer: Georgia Rooney
Director: Tom Hickmore
DOP: Ben Turley
Camera Op: Vasil Dzhagalov
Sound Recordist: David Briggs
Make Up: Lou Blake
Prod. Assistant: Lewie Reed
Editor: Vasil Dzhagalov

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