I Live With Dementia
If you love someone living with dementia, you’re living with it too.

These 3 x 30-second digital TV ads are part of a Dementia UK's first ever multi-channel national brand awareness campaign. The charity wanted to reach the thousands of families struggling with dementia in silence, showing them they’re not alone. The campaign featured 30'' and 15'' digital TV ads, radio ads, outdoor digital billboards, and social media ads. 

The campaign, conceived and led by Lark, aimed to increase brand awareness of the charity, and signpost audiences to download its new ‘Living With Dementia’ guide.


Agency: Morever
Client: Dementia UK

🏆 Shortlisted for a Purpose Award in 2023

Campaign concept and script: Lark Agency 
Director: Dan Mellor
Producer: Aiyana Gane
DOP: Luke de la Nougerede 
Camera: Sam Cordell 
Sound: Dave Briggs
Runner: Gabriella Morrissey  
Hair and make-up: Annelie Byström-Turner
Actors: Stewart James Barnham, Sophie Cartman, Lorri Baker, Jay Kiyani, Carole-Anne Goodman, Amelie Whitley
Edit & Grade: Vasil Dzhagalov

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