Let's Talk Vitiligo
Everybody is perfect in their own way. 

CONTENT WARNING: Contains discussion of suicidal feelings.

#LetsTalkVitiligo is a campaign hero film launched to mark the publishing of the largest ever UK survey of people with vitiligo. Unscripted to-camera interviews and contributor archival stills bring light to what it's like to grow up and live with the condition.

The study revealed the scale of mental health distress among almost two-thirds of people (63%) diagnosed with the skin condition. 8 in 10 people said vitiligo negatively impacts their appearance, and almost half (46%) felt isolated and depressed. 

The campaign by the The Vitiligo Society aims to urgently address the lack of awareness and understanding among healthcare professionals and the public. The independent study, commissioned by the UK charity, found that just 15% of those diagnosed felt informed about vitiligo, with a third of people felt dismissed and confused when first speaking to their GP or healthcare professional.

Launched in March 2024, the campaign has featured on BBC & Sky TV and various news outlets.

Prod. Co: The Filmworkers

Director/Producer: Dominic Santana
DOP: James Vivian
Edit & Grade: Vasil Dzhagalov

Thanks to our brilliant contributors: Natalie Ambersley | Shankar Jalota | Nirjeet Singh Gorvara  | Gurdeep Romanay | Dale

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