Old Masters 
Broadcaster and Art Historian Andrew Graham Dixon reveals the highlights of Sotheby's upcoming 
Old Masters Evening Sale. 

Sotheby’s specialists join Andrew for a tour rich in art history, including portraits of Dutch society by iconic master artist Van Dyck, Greek mythological scenes by Rubens, quintessential British landscapes by Turner and Constable, and still life paintings by one of the greatest artists of 17th century, Rachel Ruysch. 


Another one in a series of fast-turnaround projects, this 23-minute film was shot, cut, graded, finished and delivered within three days.  

Client: Sotheby's

Director: Dominic Santana
Executive Producer: Jane Gerber
Producer: Laura Roderick
Production Coordinator: Louis Facey
DOP: James Vivian
Second Camera: Matt Ford
AC / Third Camera: Max White
Camera Trainee: Charlie Vivian
Sound: Joe Saunders
Runner: Bolia Bamolende
DIT: Liam Lintonbon
On-Set Colourist: Moose Kruizenga
Colourist: Rory Cantwell
Overnight Edit: Junas Grybe
Edit: Vasil Dzhagalov

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