Into The Light — Teaser
Despite extreme discrimination rooted in mysticism, a group of women with albinism in Uganda set out to launch a global business.

Across Africa, people with Albinism experience serious human rights violations and abuses. Social ignorance about Albinism has contributed to exclusion, stigmatisation and has endangered their lives. Persons with Albinism, particularly women and children, are frequently treated as less than human and are not considered capable of achieving anything. With the help of Monica Norley, 30 women from across Uganda start a soap-making business, in hope of breaking the cycle of suffering and powerlessness.

This teaser, made using a mix of interviews, location and borrowed footage, was created to seek funding for a 30' documentary film at the Sheffield Doc Fest MeetMarket and beyond. 
Organisation: Mama Mzungu / WACWAU
Purpose: Funding Teaser

Director: Georgia Rooney
Producer: Freya Blom
Editor: Vasil Dzhagalov
DOP: Ben Turley
Sound: Liam Walters
Stills: Fabio Tedde
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