Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering 2022
Celebrating engineering visionaries. Inspiring creative minds.

"The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering champions bold, groundbreaking engineering innovation which is of global benefit to humanity.

The world’s leading award for engineers and engineering, the annual £500,000 prize promotes excellence in engineering and celebrates engineering’s visionaries. It inspires young minds to consider engineering as a career choice, and it encourages engineers to push the boundaries of what is possible."

The QEPrize Annnouncement ceremony, usually a live event, had to adapt to the early 2022 lockdown, and take shape as a remotely produced broadcast. A multi-company team was able to overcome the challenges, and bring all the elements together into this film. 

Executive Producer: Jane Gerber
Presenter: Katie Derham
Director: Dominic Santana
Producer: Laura Roderick
Production Coordinator: Louis Facey
Remote Footage: MGI London
Motion Graphics: Oscar Maydon
Edit: Vasil Dzhagalov
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