hi, I'm vasil — I tell meaningful stories in moving image

"Finding Hope" — The Stroke Association
Rebuilding lives after stroke.
"Child First" — FIFA
The complexities of working with young talent.
"June Tour" — Sotheby's
Design Museum director Tim Marlow explores over half a millennium of exceptional art at Sotheby's Summer Season exhibition. 
"What is Yumpingo?" — Yumpingo
The new standard in restaurant intelligence.
"Connect" — BSUH NHS Trust
Four photographers are tasked with bringing fine art photography into a new hospital. These four films unpick the long process and careful thinking behind the image making. 
"Safeguarding Adults" — Health Education England
Learning drama about the missed opportunities to protect a vulnerable woman.
"Into The Light" — Mama Mzungu
Despite extreme discrimination rooted in mysticism, a group of women with albinism in Uganda set out to launch a global business.
"Zena's Story" — Diabetes UK
Diabetes can be overwhelming. Emotional and mental health support is key to a better life, but is often found missing.
"Crowdsaucing" — Leon Restaurants
Let the people choose the sauce! A social campaign asking Leon's customers to select their new favourite healthy dip. 
"We are all GHIT" — GHIT Fund
Fighting for the eradication of infectious diseases through innovation. Brand film for the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund.
"L'Autre Rive" — Brighton Photo Biennial 2018
Émeric Lhuisset’s unfixed cyanotypes tell stories of different generations who have migrated to Europe.
"Our School" — Prince's Gardens Prep
Prepared for everything. A social campaign to introduce a new independent school with a global perspective.
"Dr. Matthew Walker on Sleep" — Cognita
Sleep expert, and best-selling author Matthew Walker shares the secrets of a good night's rest.
"Inclusive Recruitment" — Marshall Training
An interactive learning drama about diversity and unconscious bias in academia.
"People like you" — Brighton & Hove Busses
What's it like being a bus driver? Company culture from a first person perspective.
"Turning Point" — TEDxBrighton
Moments that change the world forever. A poetic exploration of a topic both vast and deeply personal.
"A Day In The Studio" — Mount Sinai
The creative flurry of recording an album. A peak from behind the scenes.
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